Here’s What We Know About the Hippo Goddess, Taweret, in Moon Knight

Here’s What We Know About the Hippo Goddess, Taweret, in Moon Knight

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 4.

Moon Knight Episode 4 made us question everything we thought we knew about the show and its main character(s), Marc Spector/Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac). After running around a tomb with Layla, Marc and Steven uncover the lost tomb of Alexander the Great, who they realized was the voice of Ammit.

But before they can escape, the villainous Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) finds them. As Marc tries to hold Arthur and his goons off so Layla can leave with an Ammit artifact, Arthur shoots Marc twice in the chest, presumably killing him. Well, until Marc wakes up in a mental facility run by none other than Arthur Harrow himself.

Eventually, Marc manages to break free from his restraints and can search the facility for an escape route. He finds Steven (who is no longer a personality in his head but an actual full-fledged person) and the two make their way to a door, only to be stopped by an anthropomorphized hippo. Seriously. Then the episode ends.

Obviously, since this is Moon Knight and the show is all about Egyptian gods, the hippo woman they encounter is most likely an Egyptian goddess we have yet to meet in the series so far. As of yet, we don’t know who this hippo goddess uses as an avatar (Layla, maybe?), but in the next episode we’ll probably find out.

In the meantime, we’ve got all the info you need on this new goddess in Moon Knight, including if she’s been seen in Marvel before, and what she could mean for the series.

Who Is the Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight?

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The goddess at the end of Moon Knight Episode 4 is Taweret. According to the Johns Hopkins Archaelogical Museum website, she was a protective goddess depicted as a hippopotamus. She’s often known as the goddess of fertility and childbirth. Amulets bearing her likeness were supposed to ward off evil spirits, plus protect children and mothers from sickness and death.

She also, according to Inverse, has the power of rejuvenation, providing life by flooding the Nile, bestowing birth on the living, reviving the dead, or helping them cross into the afterlife. She’s also depicted in ancient Egyptian art as having the top-half of a hippo, feline paws, and the tail of a Nile crocodile. In other words…the opposite of Ammit in appearance.

Taweret has never before appeared in Marvel Comics, including any Moon Knight runs. The Egyptian gods that are in the comics are called Ennead and act similarly to the Asgardians and Celestials, only interfering with humanity when absolutely necessary. Taweret could be considered an Ennead in the MCU, despite never appearing in Marvel lore before.

Who Voices Taweret in Moon Knight?

When we first meet Taweret, she greets Steven and Marc with a shy, high-pitched hello. Her voice actor is Antonia Salib, a brand new addition to both the MCU and television. According to IMDb, Moon Knight is her very first major credit. Back in March, she spoke with Variety on the red carpet and said she was, “given license to create my character and everyone was on board to work together.”

As the series continues, we’ll have to see how Salib portrays this brand new Marvel character, and what Taweret means for Marc and Steven’s fate in Moon Knight.

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