GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X physical edition release date confirmed

GTA 5 PS5 and Xbox Series X physical edition release date confirmed

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GTA 5 might have already been released digitally for PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it’s yet to hit physical shelves. That’s set to change as the next-gen version of Rockstar’s acclaimed crime-ridden open-world shooter will launch on disc later this month, and pre-orders are now live.

A recent Rockstar blog post confirmed all the important details, so here’s the price and release date of GTA 5’s physical PS5 and Xbox Series X edition.

We rated the game’s next-gen port pretty highly, reckoning it was actually worth buying again, even if it is nearly a decade old. 

GTA 5 next-gen physical edition release date

Physical versions of GTA 5 for Xbox Series X and PS5 will release on April 12. You’ll be able to pick a copy up in your local games store or nab one off the web.

GTA 5 next-gen physical edition price

The game’s disc copy can be pre-ordered now and will cost you $39.99 / £34.99 / about AU$53.50.

Bear in mind, that price is significantly higher than the digital version. Until June 14, Xbox players can grab a downloadable copy for half price at $19.99 / £17.49 / AU$29.97.  

Meanwhile, PlayStation players get an even bigger discount with the digital PS5 version of the game only $9.99 / £8.75 / AU$ 14.99 on the PS Store. And if you’ve ever played GTA 5’s multiplayer on PS4, you can claim the PS5 version of GTA Online for free until June 14.

You can purchase the game directly through the Rockstar store, or from selected retailers, including Best Buy.

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Pre-order bonuses 

There don’t appear to be any pre-order bonuses for the physical release of GTA 5 on  PS5 and Xbox Series X. Although that might be disappointing, it makes things a lot easier.

When choosing where to buy the game, you can just focus on picking up a copy for the lowest price available, rather than having to factor in a ton of bonus rewards.

GTA Online

It’s good to know exactly what it is you’re getting in the physical version of GTA 5. GTA Online, its multiplayer component, is included alongside the main single-player story. It isn’t available to buy separately as a physical product.

That means you don’t have to worry about shelling out twice. You’ll get the single-player and multiplayer parts of GTA 5 in one package. That’s handy.

If you’re only interested in the multiplayer, however, you might be better off skipping the disc version and downloading the standalone GTA Online to save yourself some money. During the current post-launch discount period, you can pick it up for $9.99 / £8.99 / AU$ 15.47 during the three-month discount period, or $19,99 / £17.99 / AU$ 30.95 thereafter. 

If you decide you want to play the game’s single-player after all, you can always pay to unlock story mode access later.

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