Fashion League: A Web3 Female-Centered & Mobile-First Fashion Game

Fashion League: A Web3 Female-Centered & Mobile-First Fashion Game

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Fashion League is the first Web3 play-to-earn game that simulates a mobile fashion shop. This game is where gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and brands can meet to design, build, and grow their own shops and design amazing outfits.

Fashion League

Throughout the journey, you will have the freedom to express your creativity by designing and showcasing your own self-styled outfits. Not only that, by doing so, you can also earn prizes and build their reputations as fashion designers.

Although almost half the gamers worldwide are women, it’s still very hard to find female-focused platforms, especially Web3 games. In addition, not only are they more likely to play games on mobile and tablets but female gamers are also bigger spenders on games than male gamers.

Meanwhile, Fashion League is a game with high mass-market potential, sitting at a very unique intersection of fashion, female empowerment, gaming, and Web3, and therefore can connect and grow communities for brands in all four areas.

In addition to being designed for fun first, the game also aims to create the most sustainable and best fashion gaming ecosystem that attracts NFT holders, gamers, and creators alike to increase diversity in the NFT space.

It creates new economic opportunities for crypto enthusiasts and crypto newbies while fostering the next generation of creators. Fashion League has many features that make it so much more than just a game, becoming a new era of fashion gaming.


Players can unlock blueprints for clothes, craft apparel, sell to walk-in-customers, get resources, and expand their shop, upgrade furniture, and invest in merchants.

The game allows you to earn rewards through crafting, selling, sending models on missions, and participating in design competitions. As such, the more active you are in the game, the more rewards you get.

It isn’t just a game, Fashion League also builds a fashion metaverse where brands display their products, improve their product-market fit with real-time analytics, and collaborate with players and the community.

These will also bring utility to a brand’s digital assets and make them tradeable by bridging the gap between digital and real-life products.

How to Get Started with Fashion League

Today, with the rise of Web3 platforms, many P2E platforms introduce themselves as a legitimate way for members of an emerging economy to make real money playing their game.

However, they often require users to purchase one or more expensive NFTs which stifles the ability of many to get started. Fashion League is free-to-play and no fiat currency is needed to play the game.

For first-time users, both NFT holders and non-NFT holders will be directed to the character creation menu to create their first non-NFT playable character, also known as the shop owner.

There are two types of shop owners: a regular shop owner and an NFT shop owner. Every player will have a minimum of one regular shop owner. If you own one or several NFT shop owners, you can swap between them to act or display which shop you want to operate.

You can only play as one shop owner at any given time, whether a regular or NFT shop owner.

In the character creation menu, you can customize and choose facial shape such as square, round, or diamond; facial features such as eyes, eye color, or eyebrows; hairstyles including facials hair; a preferable body type; the character complexion, as well as, select an outfit from a small collection of preset starter outfits.

Then, name your character.

After finishing with character creation, you will be guided through a series of tutorial quests that introduce the player to the game mechanics, step-by-step.

Metaverse in Fashion League

As the game is female-centered and with its shop owner, fashion, and design-themed features, it targets a primarily female audience interested in casual simulation games.

You will first get to design your clothes’ “blueprints” in the Tailor’s Hub, which is an in-game application that lets the players have the artistic freedom to design every facet of their clothes and then turn them into “blueprints”.

Then, you can use “blueprints” to craft in-game resources.

Crafted clothes can then be sold to other players in exchange for an in-game currency and experience (EXP) to progress in the game. It can be seen that all of the crafted items can be worn by the players’ shop owners and models.

There are fashion events or fashion competitions where you are set to compete against other players.

To participate in these events and competitions, you will need to hire models and dress them in your own designed clothes or other types of clothes you own in your inventory and send them then to Fashion Events.

Winning in any of these events will earn you various prizes such as in-game currency, resources, or other types of rewards.

In addition to owning a shop, you will need to display their clothes like your own design or bought in the store, organize, expand, and decorate your shop by adding furniture and decorations to increase prestige level in order to increase prestige level and attract more customers.

Otherwise, adopting pets will help you progress through the game in different ways, depending on the type of pets adopted.

The game also offers social play elements allowing you to visit and shop at your friends’ or other players’ shops. Joining a Fashion House will give you the advantage to progress faster in the game as members can offer to help each other when needed and have other exclusive perks.

What Makes Fashion League Unique?

To date, a nascent metaverse is still a place almost totally dominated by men. Most CEOs of the most prolific platforms such as Decentraland or Sandbox are male.

In the cryptocurrency industry where just 5% of the world’s leading crypto companies like World of Women, BFF, or Boss Beauties are led by women, and only 4% of NFT collectors are female. There is a lot of room.

By founding a unique platform like Fashion League with a female target audience, the Fashion League founder Theresia Le Battistini has become one of the Web3 generation of inspiring leaders that not only bringing Web3 to the masses but are also doing it in a way that offers a platform for bringing more females into blockchain and gaming.

Fashion League is also supported by veterans of the gaming industry like Robby Yung, CEO at Animoca Brands, the Creative Head at Riot Thomas Vu, the lead producer of League of Legends, and the Co-Founder YGG Beryl Li, and Charles Tigges, the Unity Executive.

Not only that, because of the P2E features, Fashion League could also be interesting for a male audience and crypto gamers.

Another thing that makes Fashion League unique is that it is fashion-themed as there are no RPG fashion shop simulation games on the blockchain yet.

Also, most P2E games focus mostly on the P2E aspects, whereas Fashion League can be played and is fun without the crypto component, as said, you can play without buying an NFT first.


Fashion League is a fun and unique game with lots of opportunities for brands and fashion communities to bring actual utility to digital assets. With Fashion League, you can monetize your love for fashion.

You can signup here to get notified of the game launch and NFT drops etc.

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