Elite Season 5 Introduces Two New Characters to Cause Trouble in the Halls of Las Encinas

Elite Season 5 Introduces Two New Characters to Cause Trouble in the Halls of Las Encinas

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Almost a year since the release of Elite Season 4, Netflix has finally reopened the doors of Las Encinas for season 5. And with a new school year comes more murder, sex, drama, and fresh meat to ogle. But are the two new faces we’re introduced to capable of standing up to the previous talent that’s graced the halls of this fictional elite secondary school? Lucky for Iván Carvalho and Isadora Artiñán, our newest recruits, they don’t exactly have huge shoes to fill.

But before we get into that, let’s get into a quick breakdown of who these two are without giving too much plot away:

Who Are Iván and Isadora?

Iván, played by André Lamoglia, emerges as the broad-shouldered son of famous soccer player Cruz Carvalho, played by Carloto Cotta, who prefers partying and drugs over quality time with his kid. We see Iván hit it off with last season’s newcomer Patrick almost immediately, but despite his repeated insistence of identifying as a straight man, any experienced Elite viewer could deduce that the pair would be using their teeth to tear each other’s clothes off by the show’s finale.

Isadora, played by Valentina Zenere, lit-er-ally steps off a helicopter into her hotel suite of a home within the first few minutes of the season’s first episode. This uber-rich, bleached blonde party girl’s sole purpose appears to be to cause more chaos within the dynamic of previously established characters Cayetana and Phillipe, but a drug-induced fall from grace wouldn’t be the most shocking turn of events for someone so prim and proper in order to play up some form of relatability within the group.

Now, as for why people were quick to fawn over sexually confused muscle man and little miss Ibiza? Their introductions are much more enticing than that of Season 4’s dysfunctional sibling trio of Patrick, Ari, and Mencia.

And it’s worth mentioning that there isn’t anything particularly wrong with those three. In fact, the show does a solid job of making them the focal point off the bat for Season 4, centering the drama around them by way of weaving top-tier characters like Samuel, Rebeka, and Omar to act as their counterpoints. It’s just that the show didn’t let us grieve. Elite wanted us to move on from the OG characters we connected with for 24 episodes, hoping we’d quickly embrace the new stars just like we did the old ones. Unfortunately, while thrusting the newbies immediately into storylines with the vets should’ve worked well, there was no easy way for Elite to fill the void left by its original cast members—Lucretia, Carla, Nadia, Polo, Valerio, to name a few—that said their goodbyes at the end of Season 3.

Using Patrick to break up Omar and his previously cancer-stricken boyfriend Ander, the pair that made up quite the fan-favorite romantic storyline, quickly branded him villainous and unlovable no matter how many abs he had. Ari was a poorly constructed knockoff fusion of Lu and Carla, the show’s equivalent to Serena and Blair a la Gossip Girl. As for Mencia, her introduction inadvertently cut off the typically rebellious and independent character of Rebe at the knees, reducing her to a love-stricken puppy without much of a storyline of her own to grasp onto.

Luckily, Season 5 has seemingly ironed out their respective kinks. Now it’s Patrick who might be the one we’re rooting for to find true love. Ari’s recovery from a serious head injury has her loosening up a bit in the best, rebellious kind of way, while Mencia gets out of the drama-centered driver’s seat (thank god) after last season’s over the top, underage escort antics.

Will We See Iván and Isadora on Season 6?

Back on October 28, 2021, a post on Elite‘s official Instagram confirmed that we’ll be getting another eight episodes of the hit show. Season 6 means we’ll most likely see some, if not all, of these Las Encinas students back for another school year. As for if we’ll see Iván and Isadora again, the odds are very, very high. They’re fresh faces with plenty more story to deliver on, so it’d be strange to bid them adieu so prematurely with just one season under their belts.

That said, will the actors most likely age their way out of the appropriate point of playing high school kids? Oh, for sure. Will we care? Probably not. Will we still be watching? Absolutely.

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