Eight DeFi Investment Options With Stablecoins

Eight DeFi Investment Options With Stablecoins

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Eight DeFi Investment Options With Stablecoins

There are many different options for investing and generating yields with decentralized finance. However, stablecoins have become a popular choice for yield farming since they are less volatile than regular cryptocurrencies.

The stablecoin market has exploded over the past year. Also, much of it is directly related to DeFi where fiat-pegged assets can be used to generate yields. Furthermore, earnings can often be ten-fold what high street banks are currently offering in interest.

In this brief guide, we will break down some of the more popular methods of investing with stablecoins. Industry researcher “The Calculator Guy” has highlighted eight ways to earn with stablecoins.

Monday Stables
1. Tarot (USDC/DEI): 102% (Volatile)
2. DeFi Chain (DUSD/GLD): 75.97%
3. TriSolaris (aUSDO/USDT): 61%
4. Chainge (TFUSDC/USDC): 42%
5. Beefy (UST/USDT/USDC/DAI): 39%
6. Beefy (DEI/USDC): 36%
7. Aperture (Various): 35%
8. Friktion (USDC): 58% (Crab/Option)

— The Calculator Guy (@phtevenstrong) April 18, 2022

Stablecoins in DeFi

These stablecoin earning opportunities vary so this list was accurate as of April 18, according to the researcher.

  • Tarot (USDC/DEI)
    Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol for leveraged yield farming on the Fantom Opera network. It is currently offering more than 100% APY on the USDC/DEI pair but is volatile.
  • DeFi Chain (DUSD/GLD)
    DeFi Chain is a permissionless DeFi ecosystem that combines staking and farming services. Additionally, yields of around 76% are available for DUSD/GLD pairings.
  • TriSolaris (aUSDO/USDT)
    Adding liquidity to the TriSolaris platform with aUSDO and USDT stablecoins can yield around 60%. Moreover, TriSolaris is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Near blockchain.
  • Chainge (TFUSDC/USDC)
    Chainge Finance is a multi-chain DeFi app and DEX. Furthermore, it currently offers up to 42% APY on the TFUSDC/USDC stablecoin pair.
    The Beefy Finance DeFi yield optimizer on Binance Chain offers almost 40% on a range of different standard stablecoins.
  • Beefy (DEI/USDC)
    Additionally, the same protocol provides a yield of around 36% for USD Coin and the DEI fractional reserve stablecoin.
  • Aperture (Various)
    The Aperture cross-chain DeFi platform can provide yields of up to 35% for a number of different stablecoins.
  • Friktion (USDC)
    Finally, by depositing USDC in the Solana-based Friktion DeFi app, you can earn as much as 58% using its Crab strategy.

Many of the stablecoins mentioned above are versions found and created only on specific protocols. Furthermore, the industry-standard ones (such as Tether, USD Coin, Binance USD, Terra, and Dai) can be traded anywhere.

Additionally, the total stablecoin market is worth around $189 billion. This equates to around 9.3% of the entire crypto market cap.

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