Doja Cat Jumps Into The Game With Fun, Flirting & Fashion In Eek Games’ “New House Party”

Doja Cat Jumps Into The Game With Fun, Flirting & Fashion In Eek Games’ “New House Party”

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Doja Cat and Eek! Games have teamed up to create a side story within the ever-popular game, House Party. She’s not the first public figure to do so but she is the first to bring her fun, black girl magic to the game.

Doja Cat x House Party


Doja Cat and Eek! Games are teaming up to create a brand new branch of the video game, House Party.  The collab is set to deliver a wild, all-new branch of the single-player video game – “House Party, The Doja Cat Side Story” voiced by Doja herself and exploring several genres, including adventure, comedy, and mystery.

This is not the first time that Eek! Games has worked with influencers, having worked with the Game Grumps (both made up of Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan) and Lety to include them in the game.  However, this is the first time they would be collaborating with a Black celebrity.

“I’m so excited that I’m going to be a video game character,” Doja Cat said. “House Party is about to get even better. You gotta check this game out!”

 “We are beyond ecstatic to be working with Doja Cat and her team on this collaboration,” says Bobby Ricci, founder and CEO of Eek! Games. “Doja Cat was the perfect pick to star in our first major expansion pack, and the more we work with her, the more apparent that becomes.”

Eek! Games started off as a one-man passion project, and blossomed into a small, tight-knit team with a devoted fan community, with House Party being their most popular game.

The full launch for House Party is slated for Spring 2022 and the Doja Cat DLC, will be launching post-release, in the summer of 2022.  In the impending DLC, players will have to navigate through a chaotic, unpredictable night brimming with outrageous characters as they assist Doja to fulfill a master plan to track down a masked dancing sensation who is taking the online world by storm. 

Players will be able to interact with the character in several ways from getting her to the party, befriending her, flirting and falling in love. During the game, Doja will react to the chaos that happens during the party, show custom dances, and performances, and create her next music video with the player’s assistance.

Doja Cat will also have three different outfits, all of them handpicked by her: a casual black dress, music video performance attire, and a steamy hot tub bikini, with all of her character’s dialogue and reactions being approved for accuracy as well.

The original version of House Party the Game is available on Steam to buy and play now.

Besides Doja, celebs are going all out to innovatively connect with fans.  

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Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak have skated their way into the virtual world of Fortnite. The hit-making duo are featured as a “skin” in Fortnite, allowing players to appear as either Mars or Pak characters in the game. The duo’s skin includes their signature 70s-inspired outfits, a new radio station of soul and R&B classics hosted by funk pioneer Bootsy Collins, and a player tournament.

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