DeFi Updates | Bancor 3 Beta Launch | April Week 4

DeFi Updates | Bancor 3 Beta Launch | April Week 4

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DeFi Updates | Bancor 3 Beta Launch | April Week 4

The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has continued to grow exponentially. Therefore, attracting the attention of enthusiasts worldwide.

To keep our readers informed we have compiled some of last week’s top DeFi updates. These DeFi updates, moreover, include strategic partnerships, product launches, events, updates, etc. Chainlink’s partnership with Augmented Finance and tofuNFT’s partnership with Hamsterz Beach Club are some of last week’s DeFi updates.

Interestingly, the entire DeFi ecosystem currently has a market cap of $119,974,292,438, according to Coingecko.

Let’s find out some more DeFi updates from last week.

1. Growth DeFi (veGRO) Now on Fantom

Do you know that you can now earn cLQDR rewards on Fantom by simply locking your $GRO tokens? This is a result of the recent strategic launch of Growth DeFi (veGRO) on Fantom Network.

Interested persons can now lock up their $GRO tokens. In return, they will earn $cLQDR tokens and $MOR stablecoins as rewards. In addition, Growth DeFi is also well-known as a DeFi lending and borrowing yield protocol.

We are delighted to announce that veGRO is now live on #Fantom 🎉😍

Grab your $GRO tokens and lock them to earn $cLQDR rewards. Users will also receive additional $MOR stablecoin rewards based on protocol performance. @LiquidDriver @FTMAlerts

— MOR by Growth DeFi (@GrowthDefi) April 23, 2022

2. CoverCompared’s Partnership With OpenWorld

Last week, CoverCompared entered into a strategic partnership with OpenWorld. The partnership will also provide OpenWorld users with access to top-notch insurance protocols. Furthermore, all insurance products purchased on the dApp will also enjoy a 10% discount.

Interestingly, OpenWorld is an open metaverse ecosystem designed with a circular economy. Meanwhile, CoverCompared is a decentralized aggregator and crypto insurance product.

📢We are collaborating with @OpenWorldVision, an open #Metaverse with a sound circular economy based on real monetary flow 👾

Now their users will get easy access to purchase #insurance products at a 10% #discount via our #dApp

Read More👉$CVR x $OPEN

— CoverCompared (previously PolkaCover) (@CoverCompared) April 22, 2022

3. Bancor 3 Beta Launch

The Bancor 3 beta launch also took place last week. The beta launch started with four different capped pools, namely: ETH, DAI, LINK, and BTH. Moreover, interested persons can now add liquidity to these pools using Etherscan.

The Bancor 3 Beta has officially started!

– 4 capped pools: $BNT $ETH $DAI $LINK
– Add liquidity via Etherscan
– The #BancorDAO can vote to deploy the full version any time 🚀


— Bancor (@Bancor) April 18, 2022

4. tofuNFT Partners With Hamsterz Beach Club

tofuNFT, the largest multichain NFT marketplace, is now in partnership with Hamsterz Beach Club. Subsequently, this means that the Hamsterz NFTs will be available on the NFT marketplace.

Hamsterz is an Avalanche-based 4444 NFT collection.

Interestingly, the Hamsterz Beach Club presale also took place on April 24, 2022.

🎉We are excited to announce an official partnership with @hamsterzbc, a 4444 NFT collection living on #Avalanche netowrk.

You can trade their All NFTs on tofuNFT after mint🔥


⭐️Collection Page:

— tofuNFT📛The largest multichain NFT marketplace (@tofuNFT) April 22, 2022

5. Kava’s Meet the Pioneer #3 Roundup

Kava Network’s Meet the Pioneer #3 roundup took place last week. The roundup, furthermore, is in preparation for Kava’s CosmosEVM network.

During the roundup, Kava also welcomed a total of nine different protocols. The protocols include:

  • DexPad
  • PhotonSwap
  • Metapoly
  • Jarvis Network
  • Moonfarm
  • Wing Finance
  • Saddle Finance
  • O3 Swap
  • WePiggy

The meetup will also help adequately prepare Kava for its mainnet launch scheduled for May 10.

These #Kava Pioneers are ready to blast off! 🚀

Take a look at these 9 protocols deploying to the Ethereum Co-Chain before the #CosmosEVM launch on May 10!

— Kava Network (@kava_platform) April 21, 2022

6. Coinbase NFT and 0x Protocol

Coinbase is now in partnership with 0x protocol. The partnership is aimed at helping to facilitate the protocol’s recently launched social NFT marketplace.

Moreover, the NFT marketplace is powered by 0x protocol. And will also provide users with a better way to trade and discover NFTs at the lowest price possible.

We’re proud to partner with @Coinbase_NFT to power their new social marketplace for NFTs! ⚡️

By using 0x Protocol, Coinbase provides better ways to discover, buy, sell, and connect around NFTs at the lowest transaction costs for users ⛽️

— 0x (@0xProject) April 20, 2022

7. SWFT AllChain Bridge Now Supports Ontology

Last week, SWFT Allchain Bridge announced support for Ontology. Therefore, making it possible to swap tokens like $ONG, $ONT, $WONG, and $WONT with several other cryptocurrency tokens.

🥳SWFT AllChain Bridge has added support for #Ontology & #OntologyEVM from @OntologyNetwork @OntologyCN

🍻Start to swap $ONT $ONG $WONT $WONG with hundreds of #crypto

🔹 Try now at #ETH #TRON #DeFi #NFT #BTC #DOT #MATIC #Solana #Fantom #AVAX

— SWFT Blockchain (@SwftCoin) April 22, 2022

8. $BIFI Tokens Now on Binance (BNB)

Good news! Interested persons can now buy $BIFI tokens on Binance Chain (BNB). Also, $BIFI can now be purchased using credit or debit cards directly on the Binance (BNB) chain. This is great news and an important milestone achievement for Beefy Finance.

It is also important to note that Beefy Finance is a multichain yield optimizer.

Now you can buy $BIFI with credit and debit directly on @binance!

Set up a reoccurring buy for that daily-BIFI cost averaging.

— Beefy Finance (@beefyfinance) April 21, 2022

9. Chainlink | Augmented Finance Partnership

Top decentralized oracle protocol is now in partnership with Augment Finance. Therefore, providing the next-gen DeFi liquidity protocol with top-notch security on its pools on the Gnosis chain.

This, in turn, will also help protect Augmented Finance from data manipulation attacks. While also ensuring global fair prices and top-notch security.

#Chainlink Price Feeds are now used to provide enhanced #security for #AugmentedFinance pools on @gnosischain!🦉

Learn how we use @Chainlink Price Feeds to help secure our pools with tamper-proof market data.

Details: #GNO #GnosisChain #Gnosis

— Augmented Finance (@augmentedfin) April 19, 2022

10. Polkadex Partnership With Equilibrium DeFi

Equilibrium DeFi currently provides support for Polkadex. The DeFi protocol also announced its support last week while disclosing that it has set aside an extra 250,000 $EQ tokens to help boost up Polkadex’s crowdloan.

Moreover, Polkadex is a decentralized Web 3 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) order-book crypto exchange.

Support @polkadex’s crowdloan via xDOT and get 10 EQ : 1 DOT + 1 xDOT : 1 DOT + extra bonuses! 🔥
👉 Read more about our exciting partnership:

— Equilibrium (We are hiring!) (@EquilibriumDeFi) April 21, 2022

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