Decentraland Fashion Week: The Events You Won’t Want To Miss

Decentraland Fashion Week: The Events You Won’t Want To Miss

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Fashion addicts, NFT collectors, and party people: get ready as the Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week has begun!

This year’s giant event hosts top companies in the fashion and beauty industries, including D&G and Estee Lauder. In addition, attendees will enjoy music performances, giveaways, virtual stores, and many other surprises.

According to guest panel talk curator David Cash says, “We’ve sought to present fashion in every form possible. From runway shows to retail experiences, fashion presented as art, film, photography, and even fashion presented in ways that extend beyond the confines of reality. In the metaverse, anything is possible.”

The Metaverse Fashion Week will run between March 24th and March 27th. If you’re ready to attend this milestone event of the Web3 world, let’s get into details!

image from the Decentraland Fashion Week
Decentraland Fashion Week has officially begun – and it’s full of surprises!

Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week: the top events

Notably, the Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) comes shortly after the four huge real-life catwalks of 2022: New York, London, Paris, and Milan. Considering the event collaborators, MVFW will likely live up to the attendees’ expectations.

Luckily, anybody can join the event for free! While you’re preparing your Ethereum wallet, let’s check out the top brands and venues:

image of the Decentraland Fashion Week
The Luxury District at Decentraland Fashion Week will feature Dolce & Gabanna, Gary McQueen and other premium brands. Credits: Decentraland

The Luxury Fashion District

Looking for a premium digital fashion experience? If so, the Luxury Fashion District is for you. This district hosts some of the top real-life and virtual fashion brands.

There, you can find DUNDAS, Elie Saab, Etro, and Nicholas Kirkwood (in partnership with White Rabbit). The list also features Gary McQueen, Jacob & Co, FaithTribe, Guo Pei, Imitation of Christ, and AUROBOROS.

Surprisingly, Dolce & Gabanna will reveal a collection of 20 metaverse wearable looks. Created exclusively for Decentraland Fashion Week, the assets will be available in a pop-up venue in The Luxury Fashion District.

What’s more, the luxury watchmaker Franck Muller will be present too. The brand is renowned for developing the first functional Bitcoin watch worldwide, so its innovations are worth checking out.

digital poster from the Decentraland Fashion Week
Featuring a New York-inspired aesthetic, Rarible will have its own Fresh Drip Zone during the Decentraland Fashion Week. Credits: Decentraland

Rarible Street

The renowned NFT marketplace Rarible has designed a temporary space for the Decentraland Fashion Week. In fact, the Rarible Fresh Drip Zone has a fresh, urban design, inspired by the streets of New York City.

This space hosts plenty of digital pop-up stores from globally renowned brands. For example, you can check out PUMA (in collab with Artisant), The Fabricant, Perry Ellis America, Placebo Digital Fashion House, Girls Gang Label, and The Immersive Kind.

In addition, you’ll find the digital Swiss watchmaker Vault here too. The brand’s debut watch NFT was well-received last year, featuring many exquisite details in terms of design.

digital poster from the Decentraland Fashion Week
CashLabs is also joining the giant event, showcasing works from Karl Lagerfeld, SHOWstudio, and more. Credits: Decentraland


This year, the popular Web3-focused company CashLabs joins the Decentraland Fashion Week too. Accordingly, the agency will host a three-floor mixed-media art gallery featuring top digital and real-life artists.

The space will feature works by Antoni Tudisco, Botter Paris, Jason Ebeyer, and AUROBOROS. In addition, we’ll see fascinating collabs too, such as Karl Lagerfeld & The Dematerialized, and Krista Kim & The Fabricant. The galleries will consist of digital sculptures, video content, and images.

Surprisingly, even the rooftop of this venue has something amazing in store! There, Nick Knight and SHOWstudio are hosting the Fashion Film Festival. Basically, the duo will showcase four films a day, each day of the festival. This amazing experience will take you through the past, present, and future of the fashion industry.

digital poster from the Decentraland Fashion Week
The Metaverse Fashion Week will have many brands debut on the NFT scene, including Forever21. Credits: Decentraland

Flagship stores

Many notable brands chose to make their Metaverse debut during Decentraland Fashion Week. For example, you’ll find flagship stores of the following companies:

  • Forever 21 will showcase a wearables collection designed for the event;
  • Philipp Plein: the global brand will open its 65-parcel district where you’ll see its Museum of NFT Arts. The company will also drop its debut NFT collection, available via Decentraland or their official website.
  • Estée Lauder will also make its NFT debut at Decentraland Fashion Week. The beauty giant will offer 10,000 NFTs to the attendees featuring its best-selling product, the Advanced Night Repair serum.
digital poster from the Decentraland Fashion Week
Guests will be entertaining by live DJ performances, NFT giveaways, and an amazing dance competition! Credits: Decentraland

Decentraland Fashion Week: Live performances & special guests

What would the Decentraland Fashion Week be without parties?

If you’re in the mood to socialize, you can check out the Parcel-MetaParty Community Precint. There, attendees can enjoy live performances, DJs, mini-games, and even a parkour feature.

Notably, the two collaborators will also offer digital glasses that you’ll find in multiple locations around the space.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the After Parties will keep entertaining you. Get ready to see Bob Sinclar perform right in Vegas City during the first dance competition on the Metaverse!

Blond:ish will also perform in the same location. Meanwhile, Nicki Nicole will launch a collection of wearables while performing too. Last but not least, DJ ICYKOF will entertain us all in the Metajuku Mall.

Surprisingly, event attendees will also be able to see Sophia the Robot during the event. Developed by Hanson Robotics, the social humanoid robot has been making waves IRL thanks to her incredible AI. In fact, anybody taking a selfie with her will be automatically signed up to win an NFT from Authority Labs!

In short, the Decentraland Fashion Week is all about fashion, entertainment, and celebrating the Metaverse. Stay tuned for more news on the event!

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