Crypto to Cash: Xcoins Offers Customers Instant Cashout

Crypto to Cash: Xcoins Offers Customers Instant Cashout

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain are changing the world of finance, and leading crypto platform Xcoins is at the forefront of that revolution.

Digital payments are now the norm for customers, and that means having access to their funds, whenever, wherever. That’s where Instant Cashout comes in. Introduced for customers in the UK and EU, Xcoins has recognised this need and come up with the solution.

This new feature lets customers cash out their crypto at a low cost with their funds added to their debit or credit card instantly, further opening up the utility of their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Instant Cashout and the digital future

With most traditional investments, money is often locked away for months or even years, and even when selling cryptocurrency it can take days to complete transactions. Not so with Instant Cashout, where customers will wait no more than a few minutes to unlock the value of their investments.

Rob Frye, Chief Executive Officer at Xcoins, said:

“We are happy to be one of the few crypto exchanges that will offer Instant Cashout to all major credit or debit cards. Being a crypto user myself, I understand how important it is to gain access to your funds fast when you want to sell your crypto securely.”

Money has been going digital for a while now, and features like Instant Cashout have taken this to the next level. We’re used to accessing our money from our phones, transferring funds in the blink of an eye, and paying for goods and services with a tap of our mobile. Now, access to our crypto can be instant too.

We’re in a time of transition, and not everyone accepts digital currencies, yet. That’s why features like Instant Cashout are ideal. People have the option to exchange their crypto when they find themselves in a situation where only good old-fashioned cash is accepted.

Another advantage to Instant Cashout is that there isn’t any need for customers to link their bank account. The transfers are completed directly by the acquiring bank, so the money is sent straight to their debit or credit card and can be used immediately.

Instant Cashout is a secure process, thanks to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (also known as PCI requirements), and has opened up the true potential of digital currencies. In the financial future, crypto and cash will be interchangeable.

About Xcoins

Xcoins was founded in 2016 and has grown to become an industry leader with aspirations to facilitate the everyday use of cryptocurrencies, challenging the current digital payment landscape.

Fully licensed under the Class 3 Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) License issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), Xcoins was, in fact, one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges to receive this recognition.

It operates in over 167 countries and offers several cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. As well as debit and credit cards, other payment methods available for customers include SEPA for EU customers and Faster Payments for UK clients.

Instant Cashout is available now for customers resident in the UK and the EU. You can find out more at

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