Computex 2022: what to expect from this year’s show

Computex 2022: what to expect from this year’s show

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Computex 2022 runs from May 24 – May 27 in Taipei, Taiwan, and is the biggest – and most exciting – computing event in the calendar.

Unlike last year, which was online-only, having been cancelled in 2020, Computex 2022 is happening in-person.

However, because Taiwan is still limiting international visitors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, press from other parts of the world won’t be there in the kind of numbers we’ve been used to seeing pre-pandemic.

That includes us. TechRadar will be remotely covering Computex 2022, but that won’t mean you’ll be missing out. We’ll still bring you all the biggest breaking news as it emerges from the show.

This includes keynote presentations from Nvidia and AMD, as well as showings from Asus, Gigabyte and more. These big players all have headquarters in Taiwan, but that does mean other companies may not be present.

That’s the case for Intel, which is probably the most noticeable absence from this year’s event.

Still, Computex 2022 should be an exciting showcase for the future of computing, so read on for what to expect. We’ll update this page with all the breaking news as it happens.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The biggest computing conference of the year
  • When is it? May 24 – May 27 2022
  • Where is it? Taipei, Taiwan

Computex 2022 date

Computex 2022 officially kicks off on May 23, 2022 and lasts until May 27. As in previous years, Nvidia and AMD will be hosting keynote presentations on the first day (Taiwan time).

We expect other manufacturers to announce new products throughout the week from big Taiwanese companies like Asus, Acer and Gigabyte.

AMD CES 2021

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AMD at Computex 2022

AMD CEO Lisa Su is giving a keynote address at Computex 2022, as per tradition. It could be a packed keynote, which starts at 11PM PT (2AM ET, 7AM BST) on May 23.

We’re expecting to see more of AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 processors. Announced at CES 2022, these new chips will offer DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 support, and will be using new Zen 4 architecture based on a 5nm node, compared to 7nm of previous Ryzen chips.

AMD has form for showing off new CPUs at CES then launching them at Computex, so that could be the case this year. We should get more information on performance, specs and maybe even price for these desktop processors.

We don’t expect to see Ryzen 7000 processors for laptops, however. They are more likely to arrive in 2023.

An AMD Radeon Graphics Card With Three Fans Standing Upright Against A Dark Red Backdrop

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As for AMD’s GPUs, we may get a glimpse of the upcoming RDNA 3 RX 7000 GPUs. These are expected to launch later this year to compete with rival Nvidia’s next generation of graphics cards, but we don’t know much about them. Computex 2022 could be the perfect time to show them off.

Nvidia CES 2021

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Nvidia at Computex 2022

PC gamers will want to tune into Nvidia’s presentation, which starts at 8PM PT on May 23 (11PM ET, or 4AM May 24 BST) to see what the GPU maker has in store.

We expect Nvidia to launch its RTX 4000 series of ‘Lovelace’ GPUs later this year, and there’s been rumors that we could see the likes of the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 as early as July.

If that’s true, we may see them at Computex. Last year, Nvidia’s Jeff Fisher announced the RTX 3090 Ti at Computex – so we may be in for something similar this year. There have also been rumors about a budget GTX 1630 GPU, which could be shown off at the keynote as well.

However, if Nvidia only shows off a budget GPU and no killer next-gen models, we may be disappointed.


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Intel at Computex 2022

Sadly, Intel won’t be at this year’s event. This is likely to be because of Taiwan’s still strict Covid-19 policies. Unlike Nvidia and AMD, which are based in Taiwan, Intel executives may have found it too complicated to attend in any meaningful capacity.

Instead, Intel held its own event earlier this year. So, if you want to find out more about upcoming Raptor Lake processors, and to find out more about Arc Alchemist GPUs – which will see Intel take on AMD and Nvidia in the gaming graphics card market, then it won’t be at Computex 2022.

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