Atlanta Season 3 Brings TV’s Most Exciting Cast Back For More

Atlanta Season 3 Brings TV’s Most Exciting Cast Back For More

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In the time since FX’s Emmy-winning, genre-bending Atlanta was last on the air, a lot has changed for its four main cast members. Lakeith Stanfield has become one of the buzziest actors in the entire film and television industry, leading movies like Sorry to Bother You, making memorable supporting turns in Uncut Gems, Knives Out, and The Harder They Fall, and even earning an Oscar nomination forJudas and the Black Messiah. Brian Tyree Henry and Zazie Beetz have both made their superhero debuts (Eternals for Henry, Deadpool 2 and Invincible for Beetz, and both were in Joker) along with several other head-turning, scene-stealing performances, and while Donald Glover always picks his spots—his last live-action movie role, playing Lando Calrissian in Solo, came not long after Season 2 of Atlanta concluded—his star continues burning as bright as ever. Which is all to say: people are eager to see Atlanta‘s cast all in one place again.

Season 3 of Atlanta debuts more than four years after Season 2 did, and it’ll be exciting to see audiences fall right back into the one-of-a-kind tone that the show sets. Remember, this is a show that, sure, follows those four main characters—Glover’s Earn, Tyree Henry’s Paper Boi/Alfred, Beetz’s Van, and Stanfield’s Darius—for the majority of its story, but isn’t afraid to break away for an episode styled like an hour of public access TV, or a standalone episode that finds Darius in a horror movie of his own with a creepy man (played, of course, by Glover) named Teddy Perkins. All in a season’s work.

It’s a show we love so much and miss deeply when it’s gone, so the imminent 10 episodes are very much welcomed. Glover and frequent collaborator director Hiro Murai (who has also worked on shows like Barry and Station Eleven) have shown a great talent for episodic television in the past, and there’s no reason to think that Season 3 will be any different.



All of which is to say: there’s 10 episodes of Atlanta on the way, and then 10 more later in 2022 for Season 4, which will be the final season of the show. And while it will be sad to see the show go, it’s nice to realize that this show will go out on top with what will likely be 20 elite pieces of television. And since it’s been four years since Season 2 aired, it’s not like we haven’t been used to not having it. Atlanta is like a treat, and we’ll likely treat Season 3 just like that.

When is the next episode of Atlanta coming out and how can I watch?

Atlanta is an FX original, and airs on TV at 9 pm on Thursdays. It will also debut on Hulu the following morning at 5:00 AM EST. Now that the first eight episodes of Season 3 have debuted, the next epsiode will air on TV on May 11th and hit Hulu on May 12.



How many episodes of Atlanta are left in Season 3?

After a 10 episode Season 1 and an 11 episode Season 2, Atlanta is back to 10 episodes for Season 3. That means there are two episodes still to come in this much-awaited penultimate season.

When will Atlanta Season 3 episodes hit Hulu?

While the show airs on FX on Thursday nights, it won’t hit Hulu until the following morning.

Here’s the complete release schedule for Atlanta Season 3:

Episode 1 “Three Slaps”: Now streaming as of March 24

Episode 2, “Sinterklaas is Coming to Town”: Now streaming as of March 24

Episode 3, “The Old Man and the Tree”: Now streaming as of April 1

Episode 4, “The Big Payback”: Now streaming as of April 8

Episode 5, “Cancer Attack”: Now streaming as of April 15

Episode 6, “White Fashion”: Now streaming as of April 22

Episode 7, “Trini 2 De Bone”: Now streaming as of April 29

Episode 8, “New Jazz”: Now streaming as of May 5

Episode 9, TBA: Streaming on May 12

Episode 10, TBA: Streaming on May 19

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