An Influencer Reveals Why CURECODE Soothing Relief Gel is Improving Her Skin Barrier Sensitivity

An Influencer Reveals Why CURECODE Soothing Relief Gel is Improving Her Skin Barrier Sensitivity

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Rossi found creative ways to maximize the soothing and hydrating power of CURECODE Soothing Relief Gel, which she shares in her extensive review. Here are all the details.

The Beaustar influencers in South Korea are the gold standard for skin care reviews in South Korea. Recently, Beaustar Influencer Rossi reviewed CURECODE Soothing Relief Gel, an intensive skin barrier repair gel from Dr. Raymond Labs on her fashion and beauty blog of more than twelve thousand followers. Rossi adored CURECODE Soothing Relief Gel, urging people to try it. She even found creative ways to use it on her face to replace other types of products.

“Apply a little thickly before going to bed. It can also be used as a substitute for a sleeping pack. I use it as a sleep mask for a long time. The next day, the skin becomes moist as if applied with honey. It’s calming like a nap, so I use it often!” she wrote in her review.

Rossi discovered that for her, CURECODE Soothing Relief Gel could even double as a moisturizer, making it a perfect go-to source of hydration through both winter and summer seasons when sensitive skin might need extra cooling effects. “Whenever my skin flares red, [a]fter applying Cure Code Gel Moisture Cream, I felt like my skin was calming down pretty quickly,” she wrote. “Once it is noticeably moist there was no need to add a moisturizing line. It’s not just superficially moisturizing. Taking care of the feeling of tightness due to dryness. It felt like the moisture content of the whole face had risen.”

Overall, Rossi loved the gel and highly recommends it, even for people with combination skin, which she describes as “dry on the inside and shiny on the outside.” She added, “With continuous use, the skin barrier seems to be getting stronger. I feel like my sensitivity is also diminishing. I change my cosmetics just like I change seasonal clothes. Preparation for the warm season is over! It has a soft cooling feeling. I think I can use it all the way through the summer.”

In addition to the patented Neuromide that helps a long-chain ceramide deep into the skin barrier to strengthen and repair it from the inside, CureCode Soothing Relief Gel contains prebiotics and postbiotics to foster a healthy skin microbiome, and St. John’s Wort, an herb used for centuries to treat damaged skin because of its soothing, calming properties. Xylitol helps to bring own skin’s surface temperature.

More information and a complete ingredients list can be found on the product’s webpage.

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