An Average Guy Trained for 30 Days to Become a Capable Swimmer

An Average Guy Trained for 30 Days to Become a Capable Swimmer

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YouTuber Laurie Shaw is known for taking on a wide array of 30-day fitness challenges, from intensive Krav Maga and Muay Thai training, to attempting to master some of the most challenging calisthenics moves. In his most recent video, Shaw documents his efforts to improve his 50-meter swim time over a month-long period.

“I’m hopeless at swimming,” he admits on Day 1, at which point he has a time of 32.42 seconds. “Over the next 30 days I’m going to be training pretty much every day… I’m sure I’ll probably have to go back to basics, slow down a whole lot, work on my technique. Who knows, maybe I can even smack under the 30-second mark.”

Shaw enlists the help of a swimming coach who is able to offer him valuable insight into his hand, arm, wrist and head positioning that will reduce drag in the water and may just shave off a fraction of a second.

“It’ll be interesting to see how much faster I can get, because I feel like I’m having to slow everything down to work on my technique,” he says. “I find my mind slipping as I’m swimming, focusing on one thing like scooping my arms, and then I’ll forget to make sure my head’s in the right position. So I think that’ll be one challenge for me on Day 30; keeping everything together.”

On the final day of the challenge, Shaw takes to the water one last time to try for a new personal best time in the 50 meters, and succeeds in hitting his “ambitious” goal of under 30 seconds, completing the swim in 29.82.

“It feels good to know that those 30 days of hard work paid off,” he says. “That was my aim, to get under 30 seconds, and it felt pretty unachievable for me at times… It feels awesome.”

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