AltoVita creates best practice in sustainable corporate accommodation and travel with geotagging providing supplier transparency

AltoVita creates best practice in sustainable corporate accommodation and travel with geotagging providing supplier transparency

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  • Corporate accommodation platform AltoVita provides sustainable vision for travel sector with geotagging and data analytics
  • Company’s Smart, Safe, Sustainable Innovation Summit sets measurable roadmap to sustainability

London, UK; 12 May 2022: AltoVita, the multi award-winning company that powers the corporate accommodation sector with enterprise software layered with a human-centric approach, has added geotagging technology to its platform to promote sustainable travel and eliminate the risk of industry-wide greenwashing*.

Launching at today’s Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit, AltoVita’s range of new features will provide deeper insight into the sustainability of accommodation listings and streamline the Request For Pricing (RFP) process so companies can ensure that their employees are supported throughout their relocation process.

AltoVita Founders, Vivi Cahyadi Himmel L and Karolina Saviova R

AltoVita Founders, Vivi Cahyadi Himmel L and Karolina Saviova R

Founded by Vivi Cahyadi Himmel (CEO) and Karolina Saviova (COO), AltoVita has created a blueprint for the travel industry by building a platform based on geotagging, which aggregates data on sustainable accommodation. Users can walk through any property in 15 minutes on a smart device, providing peace of mind that sustainability initiatives, such as energy, water and waste management, are in place. In addition, all images of sustainable initiatives are geotagged, so the user can be certain that the images were taken at the property.

The accommodation scalable infrastructure platform sets precedent for incentivising travellers to pick more carbon neutral options. The user can also identify properties based on smart, sustainable and safe choices via data aggregated on the AltoVita platform. AltoVita aims to outline hospitality operator’s ongoing sustainable practice initiatives to offset the accommodation’s carbon emissions. This approach will enable AltoVita’s multinational corporate clients to relocate their employees whilst keeping in line with their ambitious net zero by 2030 targets.

Another new feature will enable users to review the range of safety and security measures in each property. AltoVita has partnered with Breezeway, a property care platform, which personally inspects the property to verify that the safety features are in place so users can book with the confidence that their accommodation will be safe and secure.

AltoVita’s new features also streamline the lengthy Request For Pricing (RFP) process. Users will be able to send an RFP in a few easy steps through AltoVita’s new RFP building tool, reducing the incumbent 50 human hour process down to just a few minutes. Lengthy RFP systems meant that the business travel and corporate relocation process was clunky and stressful. Through AltoVita, corporate clients are now able to mobilise their workforce more quickly and safely. The short process, combined with AltoVita’s slick UI, connects companies to bidders that fit their requirements and supports employees by giving them a clear list of their accommodation options.

Vivi Cahyadi Himmel, CEO and Co-Founder at AltoVita, commented: “Lots of travel infrastructure is simply not sustainable. It needs to be not just about offsetting, but also reducing carbon emissions. Many organisations are prioritising sustainability, but it’s time to deliver tangible solutions. At AltoVita, we are building the largest inventory in the corporate accommodation sector, and this new initiative will empower corporate travellers to make sustainable decisions when it comes to selecting their accommodation.”

The new developments are part of AltoVita’s global ‘Smart, Safe, Sustainable’ Innovation Summit to help prioritise ESG in the travel sector. The ‘Design Thinking’ stage, made up of contributors of over 126 business leaders from across the global mobility and business travel sectors, identified sustainability, guest safety, and smart technology issues that the sector faced. AltoVita then used insights from these sessions to create a range of features which addressed these issues and cemented AltoVita’s role as an ESG leader in the travel sector, by going an extra step and cutting through the greenwash. This activity will culminate in the 2022 Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit on May 12th. The event will include discussions with industry luminaries, an immersive in-person event, and more.

Karolina added: “At AltoVita we are committed to mobilising, educating, increasing awareness, and removing greenwashing as much as possible through sustainability practices. However, it also comes down to incentivising employees to choose sustainable options. For example, we’re looking at showcasing the commute time between the property to the public transport, as well as any eco-friendly bike rentals around the property. This is just the beginning.”

*Greenwashing is the sharing of disinformation by a company that makes them appear more sustainable than they actually are. This phenomenon is increasingly prevalent as businesses come under more scrutiny for their lack of green policies and practices.


About AltoVita
AltoVita powers the corporate accommodation sector with enterprise software layered with a human-centric approach, providing every traveller with exactly what they need.

AltoVita’s award-winning technology creates a cloud-based bridge between the highly fragmented property distribution system and Global 2000 companies, SMEs, and business travellers, reducing the legacy 48-to-72-hour bidding process down to a few minutes. The fully customisable platform provides instant access to a diverse network of 1 million+ housing options worldwide – including serviced apartments, professionally managed homes, aparthotels, and co-living – with the ability to sort by desired amenities, pet friendliness, sustainability scores, and more. All properties are fully vetted and verified to provide duty of care and compliance, backed by our extensive Four-Tier Quality Control system.

AltoVita’s fast-growing global footprint currently spans 165 countries and 1,238 cities. They are headquartered in London, with regional offices in Singapore and Dallas, TX.

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