All of the Easter Eggs in the Season 3 Trailer for The Boys

All of the Easter Eggs in the Season 3 Trailer for The Boys

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A new trailer for the third season of Amazon Prime’s ultraviolent superhero satire The Boys just dropped, and it is teasing even more bloody, bone-crunching antics as well as the introduction of a handful of new characters. A video on the Emergency Awesome channel breaks down all of the key details in the trailer—including more than one Marvel Easter egg.

Firstly, the trailer reveals that season three will be drawing from a storyline in the original comics in which Hughey is injected with Compound V—only in the show, Butcher is the one who appears to receive the Compound V superpowers, including heat vision similar to that of Homelander. Might Butcher turn out to be a villain too? Who knows.

The trailer also gives fans a brief glimpse of newcomer Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, this show’s first in-universe superhero, and their equivalent of Captain America, with pretty much the same super-soldier-serum origin story. His uniform even looks very similar to the one Chris Evans wears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a near-identical helmet, albeit in green not blue.

And he’s not the only Marvel analogue. We also see Gunpowder, who is The Boys‘ answer to The Punisher, and a character named Crimson Countess, a clear parallel to Scarlet Witch.

It also looks like some real-life people will be getting spoofed in season three: the trailer shows a parody of the controversial Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner from a couple of years ago, in which A-Train stops a fake protest using a can of his branded energy drink.

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