All Lethal Company v50 New Moons

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The new Lethal Company Version 50 Update introduced a trove of new content including adding several new moons to the horror game. In typical Zeekerss fashion, it can be a bit tricky finding out how exactly you are supposed to get to these moons, or at least learning their names. This is all of the Lethal Company new Moons added in the v50 update.

All three new moons in Lethal Company update 50

In total three moons have been added to the Lethal Company Version 50 update. One moon is publicly available via the terminal from the start, while the other two are secret moons. Here are all the new moons added in Lethal Company v50:


The full system name for this moon is 20-Adamance. According to the terminal, Adamance has suffered erosion and geographical forces across its landscape of deep valleys and mountains. Adamance is the biggest and oldest of what are colloquially referred to as the “Green Witches”: Vow, March, and Adamance, which orbit No Service. Adamance is also home to a lively, diverse ecosystem of smaller-sized omnivores.

It costs 60 to route to 20-Adamance, which as the description says, is full of small omnivore creatures like the Baboon Hawk, Old Bird, Manticoil, Thumper, and Forest Keeper. You can also find Giants roaming around Adamance. In fact, Adamance may be the most populated moon as you will notice a ton of enemies when you first reach there.

Adamance has just one Fire Escape which is located near the broken bridge. Jump over the bridge and you can reach the Fire Escape. You can also reach the Fire Escape by going to the entrance of Adamance and looking to your left, then following down towards the Fire Escape.


Artifice goes by the full system name of 68-Artifice, and is the first hidden moon of the new update. If you want to find out about Artifice naturally, simply visit the Cabin on the moon Adamance. Here you will find out about the location of Artifice. However, as long as you know the name of the moon is Artifice, you can head there at any time via the terminal.

According to the terminal, Artifice hosts abandoned cities all across its landscape, though it was once teeming with life. Weapons and classified technology have been found at various sites across its surface and is dated back at least 200 years. It is rumored that active machinery has been left behind on Artifice.

It costs 1,500 in total to plot a route to 68-Artifice. The description is also correct here, as the moon is swarming with giant robots wielding rocket launchers and flamethrowers. However, the many warehouses on Artifice have switches inside that open and close their massive doors. Utilize these warehouses to lure the robots inside and then shut the door, trapping them inside.

The moon Artifice also has just a single Fire Escape that is located to the far right when looking at the main entrance onto the moon. You will eventually reach a building at which point you can turn left and locate the Fire Escape.


Finally is the moon Embrion which has the full name 5-Embrion. It is a desolate moon with no biological life at all. In fact, there’s mostly mechanical and robotic life on Embrion, arguably even more than Artifice. The loot on Embrion is not that good, making it more of a challenge for veteran players than anything else. It is a very foggy moon and is also eclipsed.

It only costs 150 to set a route to 5-Embrion, but once again the loot there is not too good so it’s hard to make much of a profit. It’s also extremely challenging to navigate due to all the robots, turrets, and landmines.

Embrion hosts a single Fire Escape as well, located northeast of the ship. The Fire Escape is somewhat hidden and very difficult to find until you know where it is, but it’s essentially located up on a the plateau northeast of your ship.

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