Alex Rodriguez Has the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ in a New Shirtless Workout Video

Alex Rodriguez Has the ‘Eye of the Tiger’ in a New Shirtless Workout Video

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Alex Rodriguez may have retired as a pro athlete in 2016, but he is still very much committed to staying in peak physical condition, as anyone who has seen his socials can attest.

The last two years have seen the former baseball star go through a low-key body transformation. He shared on social media in 2021 that he had gained weight during the pandemic but has since resolved to getting back in great shape being more consistent in his workouts, saying he “finally put down the chips” and “left the dad bod in 2020.”

As part of his new fitness journey, A-Rod has got into the habit of sharing clips of his workouts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, demonstrating barbell complexes including deadlifts, hang cleans, back squats, and front squats, usually accompanied by some motivational hashtags to get his followers as amped up to exercise as he is.

In his most recent post on Facebook, Rodriguez stripped to the waist and put his lean physique on display while performing his upper body workout shirtless. The video, embedded below, shows the retired shortstop roast his back and shoulders with wide grip pullup and narrow grip chinups, as well as standing dumbbell shoulder press, and medicine ball throws.

And because it wouldn’t be an A-Rod workout post without some inspirational angle, the entire thing is set to the classic underdog anthem, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, best known as the theme song for the 1982 boxing movie Rocky III.

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