A Very Naked Christopher Meloni Stars in a New Peloton Ad

A Very Naked Christopher Meloni Stars in a New Peloton Ad

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Christopher Meloni, a.k.a. the internet’s zaddy, is still fully capable of provoking thirst at the age of 61. After breaking Twitter with his bootylicious Men’s Health cover story last year, the actor went one step further recently when he publicly declared that he enjoys working out naked. And now you can see exactly what that looks like, thanks to a new Peloton commercial which features the actor in all his natural glory.

“Apparently some people think the way I work out is strange,” Meloni says in the new digital ad. “Honestly, I don’t get it. Me, I don’t think using the Peloton app is strange at all.”

He goes on to espouse the benefits of the app, which includes programmed yoga, cardio and strength training routines, as well as guided meditations.

The commercial closes on voiceover narration which parodies Meloni’s longstanding role as Detective Elliot Stabler in the Law & Order TV franchise: “In the Peloton community, users are represented by two separate but equally motivated groups. Those who wear pants, and Christopher Meloni.”

It’s a funny, personality-led piece of content which shows how far Peloton’s advertising strategy has come since the 2019 backlash surrounding the “Peloton Wife”, and marks the latest video from the company which has capitalized on a viral moment. After a character in the recent Sex and the City revival And Just Like That died from a heart attack in the aftermath of a workout on one of their famous bikes, the brand rushed out an ad starring the actor in question which showed that he was actually “alive.”

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