A Physique Coach Shared the Easy Changes You Can Make to Hit 15 Percent Body Fat

A Physique Coach Shared the Easy Changes You Can Make to Hit 15 Percent Body Fat

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Muscle coach Paul Revelia has previously explained the changes he made to his routine that helped him lean down to just 10 percent body fat while preparing for a physique show, but he acknowledges that this goal is not necessarily one which will be attainable for everybody. In a new video, he focuses on the more achievable target of lowering body fat from 20 percent to 15 percent, and offered up some simple tips based on his own experience.

“You don’t even have to super particular with tracking your calories, you don’t have to be super diligent about being perfect, you can have some alcohol, but I’m going to talk about a few swaps,” he says. The important thing here, he adds, is to make sure that you’re eating the right proportions of macronutrients, i.e. proteins, carbs, and fats.

Firstly, he recommends cutting out mayonnaise, or using alternatives like mustard. “Light mayo still gives you the substance that you need, without giving you all the calories,” he says.

Secondly, Revelia clarifies that while eggs can be a source of protein, eating whole eggs will also contribute to your daily fat intake. “What I’ll do is instead of having five, six, seven whole eggs, I’ll have two whole eggs, and fill the rest of my needs in with egg whites,” he says. Finding alternatives to snacks is also hugely helpful: Revelia suggests switching out regular potato chips for baked chips, and choosing zero calorie soda.

When it comes to meal prep, he also advises using cooking spray instead of oil. “That really saves you a lot of calories, and you don’t even need to account for it because it’s such low calorie,” he says.

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