A Fitness YouTuber Worked Out With Bodybuilding Legend Ronnie Coleman

A Fitness YouTuber Worked Out With Bodybuilding Legend Ronnie Coleman

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YouTuber and bodybuilder Jesse James West has worked out with athletes who are at the absolute top of their field, from calisthenics pro Chris Heria to world class strongman Thor Bjornsson. In his most recent video, West meets up with eight-time Mr. Olympia champion and all-round bodybuilding icon Ronnie Coleman to try out the training routine of “The King.”

Coleman starts West off with a “lightweight” set of 12 back squats at 600 pounds—his favorite leg exercise—and shouts encouragement at him through each rep, even letting him borrow his “power shades” for extra motivation. “That was one of the coolest moments of my life,” says West.

They follow this by hitting upper body with the incline bench press, seated dumbbell shoulder press, and bicep curls. “Does it even burn any more, at this point?” West asks Coleman while he churns out reps on the curls. The King’s answer: “Not really.”

When asked for his number one tip for growing building muscle, however, he sees nutrition as being just as much of a priority as his training. “Protein builds muscle,” says Coleman. “I used to do 600 grams a day.” This tracks with what he told Men’s Health during a recent interview, where he attributes his success to being “surrounded by great trainers and nutritionists” and learning from their expertise.

They finish the workout with a deadlift, and West works his way up to pulling 360 pounds while wearing a belt. “I entered another world!” He says.

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