A Doctor Was Sued for Selling Nearly $750K of Fake Stem Cell Treatments

A Doctor Was Sued for Selling Nearly $750K of Fake Stem Cell Treatments

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A doctor in Seattle, Washington has been slammed with a lawsuit for allegedly selling nearly $750,000 worth of fake “miracle cures” to treat Covid-19 and a variety of other illnesses, Newsweek reported on Wednesday.

Dr. Tami Meragalia, founder of US Stemology, reportedly told patients that her cures, derived from stem cells, could cure lupus, asthma, and even Parkinson’s, among others.

“Dr. Meraglia and US Stemology advertised stem cells as a life-changing miracle cure that could treat almost anything — even COVID,” Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson said in a press release announcing the lawsuit on Tuesday. “[US Stemology] preyed on people’s fears and frustrations about their health to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in unproven treatments. Their conduct brings to mind a 21st century version of snake-oil sales tactics.”

The press release revealed that Dr. Meragalia’s practice charged a total of $748,250 from 107 patients for these treatments.

Stem cell treatments have been incorrectly touted as a “cure-all” for a number of ailments and issues, leading to the blinding of three women in Florida in 2017. The three women were reportedly being treated for age-related vision degeneration.

As of 2022, stem cell treatments are only FDA-approved for treatment of blood disorders and that stem cell treatments that are not approved by the agency “pose serious safety risks.”

In short, until the FDA approves stem cell treatments for other ailments, any company or doctor offering these treatments are likely selling snake oil.

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