A Distance Runner Tried to Do the Notorious ‘Bring Sally Up’ Pushup Challenge

A Distance Runner Tried to Do the Notorious ‘Bring Sally Up’ Pushup Challenge

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Distance runner Elijah Orr pushes himself to his physical limits on his YouTube channel, where he puts himself through physical challenges like David Goggins’ run-pushup-run routine, the One Punch Man workout, and an intense med-ball-and-burpee session. In a new video, he takes on a pushup challenge that many other YouTubers have tried: ‘Bring Sally Up.’

The rules to the challenge are simple: put on the song ‘Flower’ by Moby, drop to the floor, and perform a series of pushups while following along with the lyrics “Green Sally up / and green Sally down / lift and squat / gotta tear the ground,” lifting the body on the “up” and lowering it on the “down.” While the pushup version of this challenge is a popular one on YouTube, ‘Bring Sally Up’ dates back as far as seven years, and has been used to test endurance on other bodyweight exercises including the squat and pullup.

Despite starting off strong, around two and a half minutes into the song, Orr really starts to struggle. “I think this is where my form fell apart a little bit,” he says. “My knees were oh so close to hitting the ground and my arms, at 45 degrees, were questionable at times.”

Orr is successful in making it all the way to the end, and is pleased with the pump he gets, although he also describes his arms as feeling “totally buttery.”

“If I keep doing this and keep trying to get better at it, I want to go lower on the lows,” he says. “I think I definitely could have gone lower… I think I was a little slow to go down too… I want to improve on my form. I guess I would count it as a pass, but I would want my form to be better than that.”

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