A Bunch of VFX Artists Made a Bloody R-Rated ‘Spider-Man’

A Bunch of VFX Artists Made a Bloody R-Rated ‘Spider-Man’

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Want to lose sleep tonight? Really? You sure? OK. Warned you.

We’ll cut to it. Don’t ask questions, but we recently stumbled on a particularly horrifying video, one that is so particularly upsetting that we needed to share it with you all—even if just to prove that we didn’t imagine it. The video comes courtesy of Corridor Digital, whose team of VFX artists made a video simply titled, “We Made Spider-Man R-Rated.” The result may or may not be what you’re expecting. There’s no sex. No nudity. Just… some extremely brutal blood and gore. Corridor manipulated footage from Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire’s trilogy, to show each Spidey meeting the worst demise you could imagine.

Here’s a taste, so you can decide if the full thing is for you.

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As much as it ruined our day, seeing the iconic scene where Maguire’s web-slinger stops a runaway subway train remixed so that Tobey’s arms and legs stretch and break apart? Pretty creative! Same goes for Garfield meeting the same fate as Gwen Stacy and falling into the concrete. Don’t forget poor Tom Holland falling from the Washington Monument. In the great Disneyfication of Marvel, we’ve lost most hints of anything that would cruise into R-rated territory. So it’s nice to see some enterprising VFX artists have a little bit of fun with that.

You can watch the full video from Corridor below. Happy nightmares, folks.

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