8 Life Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Do you know the Chinese food container hack? Or what about the McDonald’s ketchup cup hack? These life hacks will be the best thing you’ve read all day. 

Double Your Meat

For real, for real. You know how when you’re ordering food and you want double meat, so you order double meat, but it just never feels like double meat? Well, do this next time. When you are in line at Chipotle, ask for a double chicken/steak after the employee has given you your first scoop of meat! Not only are you ensured to get another scoop of meat entirely but since the employee already gave you one scoop, they kinda set a precedent for the second. Nailed it. This has got to be one of the best weird life hacks.

Disguised Sunscreen

As in, you use the sunscreen bottle, but for things other than sunscreen. And at the beach or pool, during the summer, there really is no better disguise. So, take one of those flat bottled sunscreens with a large flat opening at the top, dump out all the sunscreen, and then clean the bottle out all the way. Once it is dried and lotion free, use it for things like your cell phone, keys, and maybe even some cash. Not only will this protect your things but it will keep them out of the sun, too. 

Iced Coffee at Home

Not only can you make your coffee exactly how you want it and for a fraction of the price but it may even be better than your store bought iced coffee, and here’s how. Make your own coffee ice! Nope, not a typo. Use an ice cube tray and fill it with coffee and freeze. Your ice will now chill your coffee but not dilute it. Coffee cubes too strong for you? Mix them up with a little coffee and a little almond milk, creamer, milk or whatever you like to add to your coffee. Love the add ins more than the coffee itself? Make ice cubes entirely of your favorite milk or creamer. You can thank me later, this is such a good one.

Kill the Pill

Or pilling as it were. You know, when your soft sweater sudden has fuzzballs all over it? They are also known as pills, bobbles, lint balls, and I’m sure that’s not it. Anyhow, get rid of these balls instead of thinking you have to get rid of the sweater. Just use an old razor and you should be able to scrap them all off. The more you wear, and subsequently wash your sweater, this piling happens, making this a great life hack.

Splish Splash

You’re taking a juice bath? Well, if you pouring juice out of paper cartons and spilling it on yourself, then you really are getting a juice bath. Tip the carton the opposite way you think you would, and no juice spillage. Instead of pouring from the side of the box that the pour hole is from, rotate the carton, push down the cardboard top, and pour from the other side of the carton. 

Use AAA Batteries When You Need AA

Really! All you need to do is use pennies on the flat side of the batteries to “bridge the gap.” About five pennies should do the trick. How cool is this?? This is one of the greatest weird life hacks!

Ketchup Cup

Instead of a tiny little ketchup cup, you can make a big one and the best part is you use a small one to do it. You know those ridges and the overlap you can see on the side? Those are extendable and you can make the cup larger and have a lot more dipping space when you carefully roll the top down and open up the sides. 

Bobby Pins

Now this one’s for the girls, and if you haven’t used this trick already, then boy are you in for a good one. If you use your bobby pins, with the ridge side down, it will stay. That’s right, no adjusting, moving, redoing. It will stay put. I don’t know who taught us all to use a bobby pin with the ridges on the top but this hack will change your bobby pin game.

Honestly, every one of these hacks is amazing. Which one is your favorite?

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