24 Things All Aussies Thought Were So Cool In High School, But Looking Back Are Low-Key Cringe

24 Things All Aussies Thought Were So Cool In High School, But Looking Back Are Low-Key Cringe

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White Raben sneakers and jelly bracelets? The height of fashion.


Quoting Mean Girls in every conversation.

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Knowing and reciting the entire script of Mean Girls was a talent that at least 50% of millennials boasted about. 


Melting pens in the bunsen burner.


Writing detailed Facebook statuses, multiple times a day.

Jemima Skelley

And cringing every single year it comes up in your memories. 


Dramatically flipping your Motorola Razr open and closed.

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Motorola Razrs — especially pink ones — were the hottest accessory for a good year or two. Mainly because of how fun it was to flip open with an unnecessary amount of drama. 


Pegging tennis balls at your friends.

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Not to stereotype here, but there’s something about teenage boys loving to peg tennis balls at each other and call it a game. Just play handball??


Wearing white Raben sneakers with every outfit.


These were THE “it” shoe of the ’00s. Everyone had a white pair, but then you’d crack out your fluoro ones for festivals and special occasions. 


Walking aimlessly around the shopping centre drinking a Wendy’s milkshake or a Boost Juice.

Wendy’s, Flickr: kennyklkh / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 90444990@N08

The most fun Thursday night activity.


Or getting a Gloria Jean’s and thinking you were so grown-up for drinking coffee.

Gloria Jeans

I used to ask for quarter shots in my blended coffees — if that’s not embarrassing, then I don’t know what is. 


Carrying everything around in a pink Supré bag.


Long before Coles and Woolies got into the eco-friendly game, hot pink Supré totes were the coolest thing you could own. 


Using Wite-Out to paint your nails in class.


And then using highlighters to colour your hair.

Ar Ducha Misfa’i / Getty Images/iStockphoto

I vividly remember using pink and green highlighters to colour the ends of my hair in math class…anyone else?


Using digital cameras to do full-on photoshoots at school or parties.


I low-key miss these. Phone selfies just don’t compare. 


Then uploading 200 photos to a Facebook album with an inside joke as a title.

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No one wanted to see those photos; no one needed to see those photos — and yet, we still uploaded them. 


Getting anything on your year 12 jersey except for your last name.

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If you went to a school that let you customise your jerseys…I have no doubt you made a decision that you now regret. 


Stacking on cheap rubber bracelets as a cool fashion accessory.

Flickr: Pseph / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: gloriamunty

We all remember what the black ones mean and what would happen if someone broke one 👀.


And that two-year span when Livestrong-adjacent bracelets were super cool.

Flickr: Daniel Lobo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: daquellamanera

To the point where music artists were selling their own as merch. 


Absolutely dousing yourself in Lynx.

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Guys smothered themselves in it, and girlies thought it was the hottest scent ever. But HELLO, it is not an anti-perspirant, and all it did was mingle with teenage B.O.


Those clasp-y belts with a long tail.

Depop / Via pictures.depop.com, nmesajtv.shop

I don’t know what these were called, but everyone had one. And unfortunately, it looks like the trend is coming back in.


Drinking Passion Pop, usually in a park.


Posting cryptic lyrics and emoticons in your MSN status.

MSN Messenger

Sure, you could just tell your friend you’re mad at them or tell your crush you like them — OR you could just post slightly emo lyrics as your MSN status and let them work it out on their own. 


Watching Big Brother — Up Late.

Network 10

Why did we want to watch grainy night-vision footage of people getting it on under doonas? Unsure. 


Making a mix CD for your crush.

Flickr: stupid systemus / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stupid_systemus

Spending hours poring over Limewire was the love language of the ’00s.


Spending months figuring out what to wear to formal, thinking you looked so hot, then realising as you look back just how terrible the outfit was.

Jemima Skelley

It’s a rite of passage.


And finally, spending all your time making your study notes look amazing, when really you should have just been studying.

Thamyrissalgueiro / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Maybe my final results would have been better if I spent less time writing colourful titles and more time learning about osmosis or whatever. 

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