12 Secrets Celebrities Use to Look Stunning Without Filters or Photoshop

12 Secrets Celebrities Use to Look Stunning Without Filters or Photoshop

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In the years of experience of being in public, celebrities don’t only get a lot of fans, but they also learn many useful life hacks that help them look amazing in any situation. Some of them wear special underwear, and others never leave home without lifts in their shoes.

We at Bright Side decided to find out which tricks famous people use to appear in public. And at the end of the article, there’s a bonus feature about Nicole Kidman, proving that stars know how to deal with unexpected situations.

They use underwear to adjust the shape of their bodies.

To look a bit bigger, some celebrities choose underwear that is 1 size bigger than what they need and fill the empty space with additional silicone inserts.

They also use bras with cups near each other and clasps in front, which makes the volume bigger.

They contour their bodies.

It’s not enough just to choose the right underwear, you should also make sure the skin looks great in the spotlight. This is why stylists cover the open skin areas with shimmering oil and control the shape of the body with light.

They wear flat shoes under long dresses.

To make sure their legs are comfortable during very long events, actresses often wear sneakers or boots with flat soles. Blake Lively wore sneakers to the premiere of Free Guy, and Whoopi Goldberg showed boots hiding under her dress during the Oscars.

They might not wear shoes at all.

Sometimes the outfit forces stars not to wear heels. Who would have thought that Zendaya wore no shoes under her Valentino dress? Because there was only one dress, the stylists couldn’t adjust the length and had to come up with unusual ideas.

They use vaseline to make fragrances last longer.

Before using their favorite perfume, celebrities cover their pulse points with a bit of vaseline. Aside from making the skin softer, it makes fragrances last longer.

They use push-up panties to shape the body.

To make their good-looking bodies look even better, some stars wear underwear with special pads to adjust their body shape.

They wear lifts in their shoes.

Actors also have some tricks. Tom Holland, who is 5’8″, says that he loves using lifts in his shoes to look taller than he really is. Aside from that, he always steps in front of his colleagues on the red carpet to look taller.

They wear additional layers of clothes to keep warm.

Most designers’ clothes are made from the thinnest materials, and it’s not always warm enough on red carpet events. In order to keep warm in front of the cameras, inventive celebrities wear an additional layer of clothes under their amazing dresses. Jameela Jamil said that during the 2018 Golden Globes, she wore slim jeans under her Monique Lhuillier dress because it was so cold!

They use a sweetener to get rid of stains.

Unexpected stains on clothes are very disappointing. According to stylist Joe Zee (who works for Penélope Cruz and Jennifer Garner), a liquid sweetener can help in this situation. Just a few drops of sweetener on the problem area can help remove the stain.

They spend hours with hairdressers to achieve the effect of carelessness.

Women aren’t the only ones who spend hours at beauty salons. It turns out that even Johnny Depp goes to the hairdresser before important events. And his signature hairstyle is the result of the meticulous work of a stylist.

They shave their faces.

Aside from the ordinary cosmetic procedures, stars use dermaplaning to remove the dead skin cells from their face and shave small hairs. After the procedure, makeup is very easy to apply and the skin appears to be shining from the inside. So it’s not surprising that stars such as Taraji P. Henson and Kaley Cuoco are fans of the procedure.

They hide fresh surgery scars under their dresses.

Sometimes, stars choose certain dresses not because they want to wear them, but because they need them. Clothes can be a great way of hiding the consequences of recent surgeries or beauty procedures.

For example, during the 2013 Power of Women event, Charlize Theron was wearing a milk-colored dress with a scarf on her neck to hide a scar from a recent surgery.


No matter how prepared you are, you can’t predict everything. So in 2017, during an Oscar ceremony, Nicole Kidman’s dress strap broke right in the middle of the event. But she quickly tied the straps so that nobody even noticed anything until much later.

Which of these tips seems the most effective to you? Do you have any life hacks you use when preparing for important events?

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